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Friday, January 11, 2019

Classroom expectations

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS MY FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT EXPECTATION IS THAT YOU DO YOUR PERSONAL BEST.  There are no "can'ts" here.  Focus on solutions to the problems, not the problems.


RESPECT For class environment- Students are expected to arrive on time. Please be seated and ready for class to begin once the bell has rung. The three strike policy is in effect. At your third tardiness without a valid pass, detentions begin. Talking about class-appropriate topics at your own table is fine unless it is disrupting to you, others or Mr. P. 

Backpacks will all be placed in a designated area before class and will remain there until the end of class.

Music is allowed in class when dialogues are not in progress. The use of cell phones during class time is NOT allowed even if it your parents calling/texting. Phones should be off and out of sight during class. Use of cell phone in class will result in the following: 1st offense is a warning, 2nd offense results in your phone being taken for the class period, 3rd results in your phone being handed over to Mr. Dredge for you to pick up at the end of the day, and 4th offense will require your parents to see Mr. Dredge to get your phone back. CHARGED chromebooks are required every day for class and if you have headphones you can use them as long as there are no visuals of any kind which are distractions.  

For others- You are expected to extend common courtesy to others. Be helpful and pleasant. Never make fun of another student, or his/her artwork. Please make marks on your artwork only. Keep criticism constructive please. Use language responsibly please! For materials- Use materials only as directed. Do not use materials that you do not have permission from Mr. P for, some can be dangerous. Let’s not waste materials, they are expensive and often not easily replaced.

Please be attentive when the class is being addressed. One cannot effectively talk and listen simultaneously.

For time- Since we do not have a lot of time and setting up/cleaning up uses up that time, please use class time wisely. A large part of your grades are dependent on how you use your time. Never leave the room without letting Mr. P know your destination. Please remain seated until the bell rings, no lining up at the door.

SAFETY Do not throw anything Always act with regard for safety Be aware of evacuation procedures 

CLEAN-UP If you use it, put it away properly. If you spill it, wipe it up. Clean at least one quarter of the worktable each day Do not leave a single thing on the table top (including eraser shreds, which you are expected to brush into the trash, not the floor) Put your chair up at the end of class Never leave anything in the sink 

HAVE FUN The goal of all my classes is to learn new skills and grow as an individual and an artist. If the above information is adhered to, we will have fun and learn at the same time. -remember, our focus is process before product.

Monday, January 7, 2019

MS Exploratory

For you last piece look up Elements Of Art on the blog and demonstrate each of those in any way you choose.  
You will need photo references and can choose to paint with watercolor or use pixlr ir you prefer.  Begin with thumbnail sketches and organize your thoughts before beginning.
Begin the same way we always do by drawing lightly with pencil breaking down your information into basic shapes and then developing your drawing before painting.


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Drawing and Painting Final

Write a 2 page (full pages minimally with no additional images) double spaced paper, 12 point type, on an artist of your choice.  Please include an additional works cited page as well.  Your artist  must be approved by Mr. P  after you have found three different and reliable sources.  You can choose any artist living or dead as long as they have contributed to the art world in a significant way. (Please avoid writing a paper about an uncle who likes to paint etc…) 
Provide biographical information as well as their training, most significant accomplishments and what they are best known for.  Discuss the artist's significance in the art world and the process of how they developed their work.  This is not an opinion piece so please focus on facts first.

Create a full color 9 x 12 image of your artist utilizing as many elements of their "style" as possible.  Think about color pallete, composition, subject matter etc...  You can use any painting media you choose.

Presentations during the exam block will be brief but should present to the class as though no one has any prior knowledge of the artists.  You do not have to read the paper but give a well thought through synopsis along with the image. You will likely be asked some basic questions as well so make sure you know your topic. (start with being certain how to pronounce your artist’s name)   This project counts for 20% of your grade!
Have fun  and do your best work!  I strongly encourage you to choose an artist who you feel some personal connection to, not Van Gogh or Picasso because you know them already or have previously written a paper on them.  You are not limited to "fine artists" who show in galleries, visual artists who work in video games, design, graphic novels, film etc... are all equally valid.

Please be sure not to plagiarize in any way as it will result in a zero!!  Please be careful not to cut and paste or re-word from any web site or book. 
Be at your table prepared for your presentation before the bell rings. (if you are printing your paper in the LMC before the bell and you arrive after the bell, you lose your slot to present so get all work done and printed ahead of time.)   Late work or emailed papers will not be accepted. I am always available to read a first draft if you would like to email it to me.

paper 50%
artwork 40%  

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

MS3D Building a brand for shoes

Our goal with this project will be to create a life sized shoe with your own unique brand.  The shoe can be any kind you choose and will be constructed with recycled materials and paper mache ,NO tape.

We will begin in small groups and brainstorm to come up with as many brands as you can.  What makes each one unique and what qualities do you associate with those brands.

Begin sketching on either sketchup, pixlr or on paper.  Design a logo that expresses what your brand is about.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Elements and Principles Of Art

Elements Of Art

Value- the degree of lightness or darkness of an object

Line- the path of a moving point through space

Shape- 2d area that is either organic or geometric.  Has height and width but no depth
Form- objects that have three dimensions

Color- derived from reflected light.  Has three properties:  Hue- names of the colors, Value- lightness or darkness  Intensity- purity of the hue or chrome

Texture- degree of roughness or smoothness of an object, can be tactile or visual

Space- referring to the emptiness or area between, around or within objects

Principles Of Art

Balance- the concern of equalizing or balancing visual forces or elements in a work of art

Movement- to create the look and feeling of action and guide the viewer’s eye through the work of art

Rhythm- Indicating movement by repetition of elements or objects

Pattern- two dimensional decorative visual repetition, pattern has no movement

Emphasis- making one part of a work dominant over the other parts

Contrast- Referring to the placement of opposites near one another.  This creates visual interest, drama and/or excitement

Unity- sense of wholeness in a work of art achieved through effective use of elements and principles of art.  Unity utilizes proximity, repetition and simplicity

Advanced Art Final

What is art? An often difficult question to answer, especially in contemporary work. Look at the following three artists and choose two pieces of each of their work. Louise Nevelson, Bridget Riley and a third contemporary artist of your choice who must be approved by Mr. Purcell before you begin.  (you do not need to print an image if you choose not to, but have two images for Riley and Nevelson available in full color print or on your chromebook that we can look at during the presentations)  The third artist that you choose could work in any medium and must be a contemporary artist who is currently working.  Ideally you could even attempt to reach out to them on social media and ask direct questions.

Choose the element and principle that you feel is best represented by each artist in their work and describe how they have utilized them in their work. (no repeats, assign two to each artist) Do you see meaning or value in these artists' work? What is it? What do you respond to and why? Base your opinions on facts, not subjective likes and dislikes.
For example, if I chose Andy Park as my third artist I could choose texture as the element since his digital renderings use such a wide variety of them and I would explain how and why.  For the principle I could choose contrast and discuss how and why that is used effectively in his work.

The visual component of the final is to create a 9 x 12 full color portrait of your artist that you chose and draw/paint it to show as many qualities of their work as possible.  So since Andy Park is a digital artist for Marvel films I could find photo references of him and sketch ideas of how I could paint a portrait of him that reflects the qualities of his work.  Maybe he could be in some kind of super hero uniform in a heroic pose, using a color pallete that is seen in his work.

Your paper will be two full  pages minimum, double spaced, 12 point font with no extra visuals and an additional works cited page.  Be prepared to define the elements and principles you used in your own words.  

Final project counts as 20% of students' final grade
Written portion will count for 40% of final project grade, artwork 50% and presentation 10%.  

No late or emailed papers will be accepted.  Have your work printed ahead of time and be prepared to present when the bell rings.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ceramics Final Project/Presentation

Write a 2 full page (minimum) double spaced 12 point type paper about an artist of your choice who works in ANY 3D medium. ( Do not serach 3D artists and choose an artist who does 2D art that looks 3D)  Artist must be approved by Mr. P before beginning. Paper is double spaced, 12 point font, no additional images, listing all sources in an additional works cited page.  (Be certain that you can find at least 3 different independent sources of information to gather information from.  Wikipedia and the artist's personal site do not count.) Research the artist’s background and their body of work. What are they known for, their training, what medium do they work in, how do they create their work, what are their influences…? Please bring in at least one full color image of their work to show the class so everyone leaves learning something about each student’s subject. No plagiarism of any kind as it will result in a ZERO.  We will discuss plagiarism briefly so if you have questions it will up to you to ask.

Please be seated and ready to present before the bell rings.  No emailed or late papers will be accepted.  Please get your work done ahead of time to avoid printers running out of ink, not working, dogs alleviating their hunger etc...
Final project counts as 20% of your final grade so please make sure you know your material (including knowing how to correctly prounce your artist's name) as you will be asked questions.  Your presentation of the content counts for 10% of your grade, so have your full color image printed or book in hand and give a synopsis of your paper or read the paper from your seat, whichever you feel will be most effective.